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You can help contribute to our efforts to educate and inform visitors to the Stanislaus, Sierra, and Sequoia National Forests while supporting the Forest Service in its mission to conserve these lands for future generations.


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3FIA publishes and distributes free online and print forest guides that help to enhance each visitor’s National Forest experience. 3FIA sponsored programs and campfire presentations educate the public on fire safety and forest stewardship best practices. Thousands of students and visitors have enjoyed our naturalist presentations in schools and at locations in the forests. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to support our efforts. 


We need your support to continue our work to inform and educate visitors to our National Forests.


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3FIA membership is open to anyone who has a desire and interest in advancing our mission. All members receive our annual newsletter with project updates, activity listings, and opportunities to participate. Membership also entitles you to 20% off all products sold in 3FIA stores. The greatest benefit of being a member may be the gratification of knowing that you are supporting programs to further the proper use and full enjoyment of the Sequoia, Sierra, and Stanislaus National Forests.


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Reconnecting young people with the natural world is an important part of 3FIA’s mission of education and forest conservation. The MyForest Youth Summit brought together volunteers and junior high school students in Tulare County.

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