3FIA Visitor Guides to the Stanislaus, Sierra, and Sequoia National Forests

There are many reasons people are drawn to Sierra forests. Campers, hikers, anglers, and hunters all come to experience and share these public lands. For over 15 years 3FIA’s Forest Visitor Guides have provided key information for visitors to the Stanislaus, Sierra, and Sequoia National Forests, including updated road maps with detailed recreation, campground, and trailhead locations.

These widely distributed free guides also provide accurate information on fire prevention and how to experience the outdoors responsibly, encouraging “Leave No Trace” forest stewardship practices. Over 40,000 travel guides were distributed to visitors in 2016.

Visitor guides are updated annually to stay as current as possible regarding campground availability, road closures, and other information that might effect forest visitors. Three Forests Interpretive Association believes that an informed public can better aid in the conservation mission of the Forest Service and contribute to the preservation of these precious national resources for future generations. Visitor Guides are also available to download in pdf format at www.3forests.us. Look for updates in June of each year.

2-page spread from Sierra National Forest Guide